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Feature film, drama

Scriptwriter : Bertrand Lachance
Producer : Denis Langlois

Based on the life of poet and painter Bill Bissett and the Vancouver avant-garde artistic milieu of the 60's-70's.

The project received financing for script writing from Sodec (independent sector) and from the Québec Arts Council.

Synopsis :

In 1970 in Vancouver, a 30 year old poet and painter named Bill meets a young French-Canadian hunk and aspiring poet called Vincent and leaves his wife for him. Together, the lovers develop a new poetic vision of the world and work on editing subversive writing from all their friends, denouncing the Vietnam war, the bourgeois art world and the American cultural occupation of Canada in general. But soon, these same friends can’t cope with Bill’s new radical and unashamed lifestyle and turn against the object of his affection. With the RCMP looking for any suspect Quebecers living in B.C. - as potential FLQ terrorists - and the poet’s ex-wife becoming violent, the lovers have to go into hiding in the country where their mystical energies take them out of time and space as we know it. Until one night, when their experiences take them too far out and Vincent disappears as mysteriously as he had surfaced in Bill's life. His muse is gone forever.

Credits :

Scriptwriter : Bertrand Lachance

Producer : Denis Langlois

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