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    Dramatic comedy
    1996, 35 mm, 92 min., color, French with English subtitles

    The world premiere of THE ESCORT takes place at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 1996 and the Quebec premiere a few days later in Montreal as a benefit at the Imperial Theater. The distributor Cinéma Libre then releases the film in two Cineplex Odeon theaters in Montreal and in Quebec City, and in the rest of Canada in Spring 1997 (Cineplex Carlton in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary,...)

    In 1999, the film had a theatrical release in more than 35 cities in France. The video rights were sold in the United States and in Germany. The film was bought by TV channels Super Écran, The Movie Network and Showcase in Canada, and in a few TVs worldwide.

    Trailer :

    Les Film du 3 mars

    Distribution :

    Canada and world sales : Castor & Pollux
    France : Épicentre Films
    German speaking Countries : ProfunMedia

    Rental :

    Les Films du 3 mars

    Synopsis :

    This is the story of Philippe and Jean-Marc who have been together eight years. Philippe is struggling to become a writer while Jean-Marc faces great financial difficulties trying to keep his restaurant open. It’s also the story of Aline, Philippe’s mother, who has just left her husband, of Nathalie, who has just broken up with her lover, and of Christian, Philippe’s buddy since childhood, who wants to abandon everything... A party joke gone wrong brings an unexpected force for change into their lives in the form of Steve, a humpy young free spirit who works as an escort. Steve has never known what love is. But does he always tell the truth ?

    Whit his ironic but touching story of love, friendship, lies and treason, Denis Langlois shows he is on the leading edge of a new generation of Quebec filmmakers.

    Cast :

    Philippe : Paul-Antoine Taillefer
    Jean-Marc : Éric Cabana
    Steve (the escort) : Robin Aubert
    Nathalie : Marie Lefebvre
    Christian : Patrice Coquereau
    Joe : Jasmin Roy
    Philippe's mother : Louise Laprade

    Credits :

    Director : Denis Langlois
    Script : Denis Langlois, Bertrand Lachance
    Producer : Bertrand Lachance, Denis Langlois
    Image : Yves-Laurier Beaudoin
    Art direction: Pascale Deschênes
    Costumes : Claudine Robitaille
    Sound : Louis Desparois
    Editing : Mei Yen Chan, Denis Langlois
    Sound design : Sylvie Masse
    Music : Bertrand Chénier
    Mix : Gaëtan Pilon

    Reviews :

    “ Stylish, ultra-cool and seductive ” - David McIntosh, Toronto International Film Festival

    “ An intense, emotionally complex, mature work ” - Los Angeles Times

    “ Call it Pasolini lite or the gay version of Renoir’s Boudu souvé des eaux, L’Escorte is a wry little comedy of manners ” - Dimitri Katadotis, Hour

    “ A superbly cast movie ” -Edmonton Journal

    “ On the edge of melodrama and comedy ” -London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

    “ Sexy and compelling ” -Frontiers, Los angeles

    Festivals :

    Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
    - In competition for best canadien feature

    Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada
    - In competition for best canadien feature

    London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, U.K.

    Festival Internazionale di film con tematiche omosessuali,Turin, Italy
    Panorama du Nouveau Cinéma Canadien, Zurich, Switzerland

    "The New Festival" New York Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA
    Boston Museum of Fine Arts' Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Boston, USA
    San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, USA
    Festival Internazionale di Cinema Gaylesbica, Milan & Bologne, Italy

    OUTFEST: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA
    Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA

    Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,Texas, USA

    Festival International de Cinéma francophone en Acadie, Moncton, Canada
    St-Louis Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA

    Pittsburgh Gay & Lesbian Film Festival , USA
    Reel Affirmations, Gay & Lesbian film festival, Washington DC, USA
    Leeds International Film Festival, U.K.
    Mostra Internacionale de Cinema de Sao Paulo, Brazsil
    Turku Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Finland

    Festival du Film Indépendant, Bruxelles, Belgium
    Santa Barbara Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, USA
    Reeling '97, Chicago Gay & Lesbian Intr'l Film Festival, USA
    Rome Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
    Verzaubert'97, (Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin), Germany
    Out in Africa, Intr'l Gay & Lesbian Film Festival,Capetown, South Africa

    Calcutta International Film Festival, India

    Mardi Gras Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
    New Zealand Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Auckland, New-Zealand

    Mix Mexico, Mexico, Mexico

    Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA
    Western Australia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Perth) Australia
    Feast, Adelaïde Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Australia

    Photos :

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