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November 2020 : Castor & Pollux's new project, THE GARDENER, receives financing for writing from the Canada Council for the Arts and from Telefilm Canada. See the film page for other news about the film.

November 2017 : A PARADISE TOO FAR : Theatrical release in Quebec by Axia Films. See the film page for other news about the film.

March 2017 : A PARADISE TOO FAR : World Premiere at Miami Film Festival. Other festivals follow in 2017: Montevideo, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, On The Road - Rome, Together! - Londres.

January 2017 : A PARADISE TOO FAR : the "answer print" is delivered.

June 2016 : A PARADISE TOO FAR: picture editing is completed.

January 2016 : MICHEL ET SYLVIE changes title and becomes: A PARADISE TOO FAR. Distributor Axia Films gets on board. The shooting starts January 26, 2016.

January 2014 : MICHEL ET SYLVIE receives go ahead for production from Sodec!

September 2013 : MICHEL ET SYLVIE is submitted for the third and last time for production investment at Sodec.

February 2013 : LE TRIANGLE ROUGE, a new projet, receives financing for scriptwriting from Sodec.

February 2013 : MICHEL ET SYLVIE is submitted for the second time for production investment at Sodec.

Septembrer 2012 : MICHEL ET SYLVIE receives financing for the polishing rewrite phase from the Harold Greenberg Fund.

February 2012 : MICHEL ET SYLVIE is submitted for the first time for production investments at Sodec and Telefilm Canada.

Deccembrer 2011 : The distribution company Filmoption international picks up MICHEL ET SYLVIE.

October 2011 : Auditions are held for the two main roles of MICHEL ET SYLVIE. Maxime Dumontier will be Michel and Carinne Leduc, Sylvie.

September 2011 : MICHEL AND SYLVIE receives financing for final rewrite from Sodec.

April 2011 : Following the Grand Flirt event organized by Telefilm Canada, a coproduction agreement is signed between Les productions Castor & Pollux and 1976 Productions (Nicolas Comeau) for the production of MICHEL ET SYLVIE.

February 2011 : MICHEL AND SYLVIE is selected for scriptwriting worshop Atelier Grand Nord with 11 other scripts from Quebec, France, Swiss and Belgium.

December 2010 : MICHEL AND SYLVIE receives financing for rewrites from Sodec, Telefilm Canada and from the Harold Greenberg Fund.

Octobre 2009 : MICHEL AND SYLVIE receives financing for script writing from Sodec (private sector), Telefilm Canada and from Québec Arts Council.

Octobre 2008 : BYE BYE BABY,
a project inspired by songs by hip-hop artist Damien,
receives financing for script writing from Sodec (private sector).

wins the audience award for best feature at Llamale H, Urugay's International Film Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Montevideo.

Octobre 2007 : BYE BYE BABY,
a project inspired by the songs of hip-hop artist Damien, is accepted in development at Sodec's private sector.

Octobre 2007 : Castor & Pollux Productions
gets accredited at Sodec's private sector and at Telefilm Canada regular sector, which allows the company to submit projects above the 1,25M$ limit set in the independant sectors of these institutions.

Septembre 2007 : LIKE A BROTHER
a script project by Denis Langlois, is accepted in development at Sodec's independant sector.

Octobre 2006 : MY FIRST FILM
a script project by Bertrand Lachance is accepted in development at Sodec's independant sector.

October 2006 :
is the only canadian projected selected among ten other francophone projects at the Production Workshop of the Namur Festival in Belgium.

wins Best Canadian Feature (Entertainment Partners Canada Award for Best Canadian Feature-Length Narrative or Documentary) at Inside Out Festival in Toronto in May 2006.

Distributed by K-Films Amérique, the film is released theatrically in Québec, first at Quartier Latin Cinema, September 30th 2005, after a Premiere to the benefit of Gay Line and Gai Écoute on September 26th. The shooting started March 29, 2004 and lasted 20 days, till April 25, with 25 locations. In June 2003, the project had been accepted both at Telefilm Canada and Sodec (Québec) and had secured a TV sale with Super-Écran. It went into pre-production January 2004. In February and March, the cast of the film had been completed: 17 principal roles, plus 15 others. Dusan Dukic (Terminal, Steven Spielberg) had been selected to play James Brighton

and Karyne Lemieux (Histoires de Pen) for Sylvie.

The rest of the cast is: Norman Helms, Louise Laprade, Éric Cabana, Mariah Inger, Kalo Gow, Bruce Ramsay, Julian Casey and many more.

"The first images I saw surprised me because it's the first film I shoot in video (DVCPro, to be transfered to film later), but I think it was appropriate since the film is based on a true story" says director Denis Langlois. "The rythm is slow, as it should be in order to reflect the state of mind of an amnesiac waking up to a new life. Dusan Dukic is intense, like fire under the ashes; he has slipped under James' skin and even I have difficulty imagining them apart now."

June 2005 :

Financing for a rewrite by Denis Langlois - of the original script by Bertrand Lachance - has been granted by Sodec (Québec) and Telefilm Canada. In this new version, the tale will be told four years later, in 1652, by Jean Berger, songwriter and playwright who will put on at the Tiotiake Cabaret an iconoclastic play telling the story of Matthew, featuring (and making fun of sometimes) the pious Sieur de Maisonneuve and his girlfriend Jeanne Mance, the adventurous Madame de La Peltrie, the Indian Jules Niverville and many more...

May 15, 2005 : DANNY IN THE SKY in France, England, Italy, Germany and the United-States

The distributor Optimale in France has bought the rights of DANNY IN THE SKY for a video/DVD release in european francophone countries. After gay specialized italian TV, it's now the turn of Britain Phaze TV to buy the broadcasting rights for next year.

Pro-Fun Media from Frankfurt, Germany, had bought the theater, TV and video/DVD rights to DANNY IN THE SKY for German speaking countries. They did a theatrical release in rep theaters in Berlin, Munich, Hambourg, Frankfurt and in May-June 2004 and a video/DVD release that summer.
Los Angeles based American distributor Picture This! Entertainment had bought the rights for the United-States. There were festival screenings in the summer and a video/DVD release in the fall of 2004. Danny in the Sky was the first title of a new collection for the distributor.

November 15th 2002 : DANNY IN THE SKY was released October 26th 2001, in 12 Famous Player and Guzzo theaters. Since then, it played in Kerala (India), Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Brussels, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

You can watch DANNY IN THE SKY on the Indigo channel (pay per view) starting November 8th through December 2002. It will then be shown on two specialized movie channels: in original French at Super-Écran, starting January 3rd 2003, and in an English dubbed version at The Movie Network, starting January 25th 2003.

It's the story of a young man who wants to become a model, starring newcomer Thierry Pepin who since the movie has himself become the spokesperson for Ralph Lauren's new perfume for men Romance (see galeries of photos of the actors).

The DVD and VHS were released at the end of August in video stores in Quebec. The DVD features the original French version, the English subtitled version, the English dubbed version and an interview with the director.

DANNY IN THE SKY was nominated for Best Music at the Jutras, Quebec film industry awards.

The film was shot Fall 2000, after 4 years of writing and financing.
Read about it in the director's diary of the shooting with polaroids of the shoot, or check additional galeries of photos of the actors taken before the shoot and pictures from the premiere.